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Premier Corporate Mid


Joy McConville
Customer Success Executive

Tracy Adreon
WW Watson & Cloud Platform Strategic Initiatives

Kalyan Akella
Cloud Application Innovation

Madeline Allen

Scott Austin
Program Manager

Simon Ayesse
U.S. State & Local Analytic Consultant

Erika Beerbower
Clinical Content Specialist,

Kathleen Berg
Analytics Portfolio Specialist

Robert Bimm

Kate Brown
Client Success and Software Adoption Leader

Kat Burns

Randy Burt
Architect - Federal Infrastructure Managed Service

Jamie Choate
Senior Business Analyst Team Lead

Matt Davis
Account Technical Leader, Lumen Technologies

Deanna Deel
Solutions Experts Team Leader

Luis E. Delahoz
Technology Seller, Comcast/NBCUniversal

Lawrence DeVoe
Technology Seller, Refinitiv

Julia Dobbins
Client Partner Executive - Xcel Energy, Pearson

Ben Drugan
Cloud Infrastructure IT Architect

Wil Edgar
IBM Business Intelligence Rep

Mark Ehr
Senior Product Mgr, Security Intelligence

Taylor Elliot
Client Executive

Karen Ellis

David Ely
Client Success Manager, IBM Technology Sales

Tyler Ems
Collaboration Sales, Communications IBM Global Mar

Ken Gambon
STSM & Senior Inventor - Cloud Migration Factory

Ben Gardelli
MSDS Operations Lead

Kathleen Gegner
DevOps Engineer

Brian Greene
Software Operations Control

Greg Gustafson
Sr. Program Mgr., Cognitive Delivery

Patrick Haley
Service Delivery Manager

Heather Harrison-Bernier
Business Operations & Contracts Analyst - Colorado

Lisa Harriss
Asset Management NA-US-01 Squad - SW Scanning

Brent Hinkston
Client Services Executive

Dave Hock

Barbara Hutson

Ray Johnson
Corporate Citizenship Manager

Hugh Jones
Security Intelligence & Threat Management Sales

Shar Jordan
Client Experience Leader

Bill Keegan

Thomas Kennedy
Account Technical Leader, Comcast/NBCUniversal

James Kim
Account Technical Leader, DISH

James Kim

Gina King
Director and Senior Location Executive

Samuel King
Technology Seller, DISH

Mark Krakowski

Stephen Laughlin
GM, Global Consumer Industry

Rick Lebsack

Ahnika LeRoy
Data Scientist

Doug Lhotka
Executive CyberSecurity Architect, CISSP-ISSAP

Julie Lockwood
Integration Services Program Director

Jennifer Long
Technology Seller, Cox Enterprises. LLC

Pete Lorenzen
VP, Delivery Excellence & CO Senior Executive

Ric Lukasiewicz
GTS Networking & Cloud Sales

Frank Luksic
Chief Digital Officer

Michael Martin

Maureen McDonough
Service Delivery Manager

John McMullin
Application Modernization & Integration Specialist

Keith McNight
Server Sales Manager - Public Sector West

Mark Meister
Partner Supply Chain Transformation

Shelley Moore
Business Development - Technology Alliances

Becky Morones
Advisory Engineer

Rebecca Morones
IBM Systems - VOC and PES

Laura Murphy

Tom Niedzwiecki

Alfonso Pena Llana
Associate Partner - Comms Sector

Brad Pepper
CICS Systems Support

Matt Porta
Global Leader

Dawn Pruisner
Senior Project Manager

Sudhir Rao
Business Development Executive

James Reese
Account Technical Leader, COX Enterprises, LLC

Tony Reyelts
IBM Systems / Supply Chain Business Operations

Abbey Roads Niver
Strategy and Business Development - Entrepreneur P

Molly Rolek

Beth Rudden
IT Architect

Hunter Schiltz
Industry Sales Non-Incentive

Kathleen Schuster
Information Architect

Susan Scott
Client Advocate

Poornima Seetharamaiah

Mark Short
Lead Migration Consultant

Dionne Shull
Service Integration Leader - Mobility and Workplac

Mitch Simon
WW Asset Performance Management Sales and Strategy

Mark Smith

Dana Sowders

Jennifer Stromberg
Director, Global Markets - Cleversafe

Paul Taylor
Sr. Integration Architect

Dan Thompson
Account Manager

Steve Trigg
Account Technical Leader, Charter Communications

John Tsambasis
Technology Seller, Lumen Technologies

Sharon Urrutia
Software Sales Manager

Skip Van Winkle

Prema Vivekanandan

Brent Walsh

Brody Wilson
Manager, Global Energy and Environment

Edward Winchester
Cognitive Operations DevOps

Drew Wrenn
Director, US Industrial Market - Enterprise Busine

Adam Young
Technical Advisor for Spectrum

Mark Zasso
Client Executive

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