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Premier Corporate Large


Erica McIntire
Senior Vice President, Market Manager

Igor Abramovich
Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Shajiah Amin

Brandon Arnold

Devon Augatis

John Aulbur

Tarani Avasarala
VP Human Resources (India)

Davis Avra
System Engineer - Global Information Security

Asmita Bamma
Assistant Manager | Fraud Risk

Lisa Bartnicki
Senior Business Controls Specialist

Ryan Beck
Information Security Engineer

Maelyn Bell
Cyber Security Analyst

Margaret Bettez
AVP Global Information Security

Brent Bohmont
SVP, Sr. Team Mgr - Apps Dev Prog.

David Brighton

Veronica Brown
Third Party Information Security Manager

Madison Brumbelow

Jake Buck

Sheree Caldwell
Information Security Threat Management Specialist

Mandy Carlberg
Information Security Consultant

Grace Carlson
Cyber Security Analyst

Tomoro Carpender

Allison Chelonis

Blaise Chi

David Chiavacci
Private Banking Investment Group - BoA/Merrill

Christopher Chin
Incident Response Manager

Britany Christopher

Kelly Coker

Clyde Colbert

Graham Colton

Christopher Cooley
Human Resources Executive

Brandon Cordova
DevOps Engineer

Kailynn Coronel

Ricky Cortes
AVP Information Security System/Data Security

James Creese
VP Business Information Security Officer

Edward Deane
Data Scientist - Information Security

Hector Diaz De Leon

Tricia Diep

Andrew Dittmer

Karen Dolan

Othman Doubiany
Information Security Officer

Adam Dworetsky
Information Security Incident Management Analyst

Justin Elkomy

Kemberly Estrada
AVP; Info Security Incident Management Specialist

Brian Evans
AVP: Info Security Threat Management Specialist

Kristopher Fador

Jeremiah Fellows
Senior Service Designer

Jon Frances
Senior VP; Consumer Product Manager

Tiara Fry
VP, Senior Program Manager - Cyber Crime Prevention

Lloyd Fuller
Farm Manager

Maurice Gale
Vice President of Network Security Architecture

Nick Gallegos
Senior Information Security Officer

Jake Garlie

Heather Gehrke

Andrew Giggey
AVP, Planning Analyst

Matthew Gilliam
AVP - Business Technology Integration

James Godkin

Georgeann Gregory
Business Information Security Officer

David Gresham
Vice President Global Information Security Incident Manager

Andrew Gross

Gabor Gyurovszky
Senior Database Consultant

Shawn Hager
Info Security Consultant

Autumn Haggar
Officer, Business Support Lead II

Andrew Hanel
Assistant Vice President; Specialist- Information Security Engineer

Tuvia Harbater

Julie Harris
Enterprise Chief Experience Officer

Susan Harris

Scott Harvell
Cyber Security Analyst

Brian Hayden
Financial Advisor, Vice President

Heidi Hayden
CST Business Support Manager

Wesley Hayes
VP - Feature Lead, Cybersecurity Technology

Lauren Hearn
Global Information Security

Mark Herrmann
IT Business Analyst V

Kimberly Hill

Erica Hiskey
VP, Cyber Workforce Strategy

George Holloway

Arathi Hunashimarad
Vice President

Latrael A Hunter
Information Security Consultant

Michael Hutchison

Declon Imoisili

Thomas Jackman
VP, Incident Response and Management

Stephen Jacobs
Information Security Incident Management Analyst

Anthony James

Julian Jimenez

Eric Johnson

Nathaniel Johnson
Officer - Info. Security Threat Management Specialist

Johnathon Johnston
VP, Senior Information Security Officer

Joseph Jones

Christopher Julian
Development Lead

Aaron Kacere

Sam Kazdal
Managing Director

Ryan Kessler

Shailendra Khadayat
VP, Software Engineer III

Philip Kim
Sr. Manager, Global Information Security

Katie King
VP; Talent Pipeline Program Manager - Global Information Security

Richard Klein
AVP: System/Data Security Analyst

Brandon Klopp
VP, Information Security Consultant, CISSP

Ram Krishnan
SVP, Global Information Security

Dallin Larsen
Cybersecurity Analyst

Jerry Lawton
Information Security Incident Response Management Analyst

Helen Lee
VP, Private Client Advisor II

Rikki Leon
Officer; Executive Assistant

Ruth Luzangi
Data Security Analyst

Nathan Macaluso
Product Payment Manager

James MacChlerie
VP, Tech Manager - Information Security Engineer

Jason Manning
InfoSec Threat Mgmt Specialist

Christopher Manthey
Information Security Engineer

Jeffrey Martin

Chris Martinez
SVP, Sr. Cloud BISO Global Information Security

Robert Martinez
Small Business Banker

Tina Martinez

Donavan Mathis
Network Detection and Response Analyst

Sean Mattingly
Senior Security Engineer

Sarah Maurer
VP, Security Architect - Cybersecurity Technology

Collin McClellan
Information Security Incident Management Analyst

Terry Mcconnell
Senior Vice President

Connor McCormick
Information Security Engineer

MaryClaire McKenna
AVP; Info Security Consultant

Alexander Mendes
Vice President - BISO

Daniel Mercado
Global Information Security

Terrance Metcalf II
AVP InfoSec Threat Management

Timothy Metzger
VP - Info Security Engineer

Stephanie Meyers
AVP, Business Support Manager

Yiana Michalakopoulos
Information Security Incident Management Analyst

Samir Mistry
Client Advisor

Luke Naes
Senior VP, Private Client Advisor

Anthony Nardecchia
VP, IT Security Application Control Specialist

Michael Nelson
VP Endpoint Security Operations Lead

Janice Neoh
VP, Middle Market Senior Relationship Manager

Alex Nguyen
Assistant Manager

Erin Nieder
Global Information Security

Ryan Nielsen
SVP | Global Cyber Incident Evaluation Lead

Donald Norton
Information Security Consultant

Julio Nunez
Assistant Vice President - Information Security Exposure Specialist

Christina O'Donnell

Scott Olmsted
SVP / National Technology Industry Executive

Nicholas Pagano

Kellee Paiz
Global Information Security - Third Party Cyber Assurance

Anthony Pappas

Andrew Parish
Sr Vice President, Sr Information Security Officer

Taylor Parizo
VP; Threat Intelligence Analyst

Raju Patel
Senior Vice President

Breia Patterson

Ehab Paulos

Scott Peeler
VP - Info Security Controls Sr Specialist

Alexander Pereos
Cyber Security Assurance Info Security Consultant, AVP

Nicholas Pinedo
Cybersecurity Analyst

Zachary Privette
Information Security Analyst

Mahbub Rahman

Christopher Raia
Information Security Officer

Tanvi Ranjan
Assistant VP - Database Architect

Christopher Reamsnyder
Information Security Controls Specialist

Emily Rinkel
Fraud and Compliance Specialist

Darya Rioux

Rocky Rodriguez
AVP Information Security Project Manager

Sara Roper
VP, Cyber Crime Senior Specialist

John Rubinetti
Vice President - GWIM Technology & Operations

Kenneth Ruppe
Cloud Security Engineer

Jeff Schaefer
Vice President – Senior Relationship Manager

Monica Schmidt
Global Technology Analyst

Darren Scudder

Allen Seagraves
Senior Relationship Manager

Tony Sebok
Vice President/Sr. Business Relationship Manager

Financial Services
David Servatius
Senior Relationship Manager

Jada Sifford-Logan

Evan Smith

Cynthia Solis
VP, Relationship Manager - Business Banking

Amanda Sorensen
Information Security Manager

Dianelys Soto-Cruz
Information Security Analyst

Vincent Springer
VP; Relationship Manager

Becky Staton
Chief Operating Officer- Global Information Security

Eric Stevens
Cyber Security Analyst

Jennifer Stocker

Brian Strom
Vice President, Relationship Manager

Shaun Sullivan
Financial Solutions Advisor

Jordan Summers
Wealth Management Client Associate

Jeffrey Surratt
Vice President, Cybersecurity Analyst, GIS

Michael Svajhart
Software Engineer III

Kelvin Tang
Financial Services Representative

Scott Thisted
Private Wealth Advisor, Managing Director

Jonathan Thole
Infosec Automation Engineer

Sage Thompson
Event Planner

David Tolitsky
SVP Senior Information Security Officer

Anna Tougarina

Megan Trott
VP Senior Manager, Global Information Security

Bruce Tsukamaki

Jedi Tutu
Assistant VP; Cyber Secuity Consultant

Emma Van Horn
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Tammy Wallace
VP, IP Portfolio Manager

Grayson Weber
InfoSec Management Specialist, AVP

Wesley Weise
SVP, Private Client Advisor

Meron Weldegiorgis
Cyber Threat Operation Centre Analyst

Lawrence Wesseh

Jeffrey Wirth

Gregory Wolf
Relationship Banker

William Woods
VP Team Manager

Jared Yellowhair
Cyber Security Analyst

Alexander Zadorozhny

Margaret Zecher
AVP, Global Information Security

Robert Zink
VP - Global Information Security - Defensive Research Sr Manager

Ray Zupancic
Data Science Specialist

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