[Virtual] Excellence in Communication: Workshops for Today’s Tech Companies

Thursday, May 28, 2020 8:00 AM - Thursday, June 18, 2020 8:00 AM (MDT)
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Excellence in Communication: Virtual Workshops for Today’s Tech Companies 

In this turbulent world, clear communication is an essential component for the health, productivity, and resilience of any team. In this series, The Moxy Lab draws on decades of research to teach you principles and practices to lead your team through the coming months and beyond. 

While this series emphasizes the development of leaders and emerging leaders, anyone can benefit from the communication skills and know-how central to these workshops. 

Here’s what you need to know about this series:

  • Each session stands alone. Attend one or three or five. 
  • These are workshops. You’ll be doing and engaging at least as much as you’re listening.
  • While the medium is virtual, many of the principles and tools of these workshops apply in person as much as they do in virtual communications.
  • In addition to the engaged training and handouts, The Moxy Lab will provide a 30-minute followup session for participants to ensure the knowledge is implemented to support your team. 


SESSION 1 Engaging Empathy: Skills for Coaching and Feedback for Your Team 

Thursday, May 28 | 12pm - 1:30pm - REGISTRATION CLOSED 

Now more than ever, providing regular one-on-ones, feedback, and coaching are critical. 

They can create cohesion, reinforce accountability, and assure that team members’ goals are aligned. Yet feedback requires finesse: skilled managers must be one part behavioral psychologist, one part cheerleader, and one part strategist. 

In this interactive, engaged, 90-minute session, learn the principles of transformative feedback and take away principles you can apply immediately.

SESSION 2 Making Meetings Count: Best Practices for Effective Meetings | Thursday, June 4

Thursday, June 4 | 12pm-1:30pm

Meetings are challenging, virtual meetings doubly so. 

Ensuring that your meetings are worthwhile, and that you and your team get things done, requires an understanding of others’ listening abilities, the power to draw the best from others, and an understanding what is—and is not—reasonable for a single sitting. 

In this interactive, engaged, 90-minute session, learn how you can conduct better virtual meetings, which get things done and keep your team involved, and take away principles you can apply immediately.

SESSION 3 Virtual Executive Presence: Leadership on Camera

Thursday, June 11 | 12pm-1:30pm

The era of remote work has arrived.

Before 2020, fewer than one-quarter of corporate employees worked remotely, many only occasionally. In the coming months, remote work will remain with us in ways no one can quite anticipate. For leaders, gaining and maintaining an “executive” presence—on camera—has never been more important.

In this interactive, engaged, 90-minute session, discover the principles of maintaining a strong virtual presence - through the camera and with your voice - by utilizing the technology.

SESSION 4 Candid, Caring, and Well-Crafted: Articulating your Message

Thursday, June 18 | 12pm-1:30pm

Clear writing, clear speaking, and clear messaging have always been critical, and never more than now.

Today, we rely increasingly on virtual communication, where meeting fatigue is prevalent and technology makes it easier to misunderstand each other. We must quickly and genuinely connect while crafting our words to ensure others understand us.

In this interactive, engaged, 90-minute session, gain tools which allow you to connect more quickly, reduce misunderstanding, and deliver your message more directly and with greater impact.

SESSION 5 Bolstering Trust and Connection: In Your Teams and at Your Company

Thursday, June 25 | 12pm-1:30pm

Without trust and connection in the workplace, little gets done and opportunities are missed. 

Creating an environment of psychological safety, learning to listen intelligently, and asking powerful questions—these are the keys to developing teams which trust each other, and which collaborate well. 

In this interactive, engaged 90-minute session, learn what you can do to bolster trust and connection, as a member of your team or as its leader, and take away principles you can apply immediately.


$95 per session session
$95 Two for the price of One ($47.50 savings!)
$285 Five for the price of Three ($190 savings!)

(non-member pricing available upon registration)

New discounts available! 

In an effort to support those impacted by COVID-19 and the related challenges, we're offering these new discounts to accommodate as many people as possible to receive this training. As people find themselves between jobs or looking to grow their skills in these times of uncertainty, this virtual training offers timely and relevant new skills to help you and your team succeed today and in the future.

Select your workshop at registration!


“Overall, this has been one of the most impactful trainings in my career. Meetings have become far more productive—everyone is more engaged."  —Owen Hughes, EMEA Director Solutions Consulting, ServiceNow 

“I am able to apply at least one concept from the workshop we did almost every day in talking and listening to other people. I also have become more practiced with the individual coaching tools, and remaining grounded in situations where emotions may attempt to take over.” –Patrick Davis, Vice President, Software Engineering, HomeAdvisor 

“I had a very positive experience in our virtual setting. Everyone seemed very engaged through video and the chat comments were awesome to see in real time. I was pleasantly impressed, since we know how many distractions there can be at home.”  –Jason Schwabauer, Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Support, Comcast Business

“The engagement was great in our virtual setting. I actually found people to be more engaged than in person.”  –Jennifer Cobb, Sales Compensation Manager, Comcast

“The Moxy Lab listening training was incredible. I’ve been more present in my one-on-ones, and adapting my communication to match those of my direct reports. Our meetings have been far more productive—and shorter.” —David Wilson, Senior Director of Solution Consulting, ServiceNow

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