Level Up: Communication Skills for Tech Professionals

1245 Champa Street
Denver, CO 80204
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Friday, September 27, 2019 12:00 AM - Friday, October 18, 2019 12:00 AM (MDT)
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Hosted in partnership with The Moxy Lab, Level Up: Communication Skills for Tech Professionals is a course focused on listening intelligence, honing your message, and developing presence. 

Consider: Across the Fortune 500, communication errors cost a staggering $500 billion per year. 91% of employees, including those in tech, rate their managers and bosses as poor communicators. Consistently, one of the top reasons employees leave positions is because they don’t feel listened to. 

While coding is important, even in tech the top-five skills for promotion to leadership all depend upon the core skills of listening, speaking, and presence. As the technology industry grows and becomes integrated into each and every business, tech professionals are called upon more and more to communicate the ins and outs of the technology. Salespeople, marketers and other non-technical roles must also be able to communicate their product and vision effectively.  

Your long-term success depends on the ability to effectively listen and confidently present your ideas. 

The four-part course will be taught once per week over four consecutive weeks:

  • Friday, September 27 
  • Friday, October 4
  • Friday, October 11
  • Friday, October 18

Following the four classes, there will be two small-group workshops to perfect your skills, with small group and individual coaching. Dates and times TBD. Participation is required for all four sessions. Knowledge builds progressively, and thus courses will not be available à la carte.

This course will benefit anyone working for a technology organization or in a technology role. Those best served by the course will be individuals who are mid-career to directors.

This course is available to CTA members only. 

CTA Members: $1,800

This is a 40% discount off the corporate rate.


Level Up: Communication Skills for Tech Professionals is a four-part course focused on Listening Intelligence, Finding your Message, Honing Your Message and Presenting With Presence. The courses include facilitated sessions, workbooks, and study guides. Two additional small-group workshops will allow you to practice and perfect your new skills with individual coaching.

  • LISTENING INTELLIGENCE: Learn your listening habits and develop skills to recognize your biases. Listen to and speak with others more effectively. With awareness of your listening habits, capture a wider range of information and, in the process, inspire confidence, receptivity, and trust — the basis of 
  • FINDING YOUR MESSAGE: Empowered with an understanding of how we all listen, and what we listen for, develop the tools to craft clear and effective messages — spoken and written.
  • HONING YOUR MESSAGE: Find the power to write as a leader. Hone your message and discover how revision and excellent writing make for better thinking.
  • PRESENTING WITH PRESENCE: Presence is the ability to express yourself, your ideas, and your values powerfully, clearly, and meaningfully. Presence allows us to move others emotionally, to stay grounded, and to connect authentically. Discover what presence is for you.
  • WORKSHOP I (2 hours): Bring these skills together into practice, receive direct coaching, and focus on areas of improvement which will be most meaningful and effective for you.
  • WORKSHOP II (2 hours): After coaching, refine your skills and make real change in the ways that you communicate. Commit to long-term growth.


Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn their own scientifically validated listening preferences and habits.

  • Learn what those preferences and habits mean, especially in tech-centric environments, and how to utilize that knowledge for personal and professional growth.

  • Learn how to apply that knowledge not only in the way that they listen to others, but in they way they speak and write to others.

  • Gain a greater understanding of how writing, and other forms of messaging, can hold individuals and teams back—or empower them to new heights.

  • Discover for themselves what presence—or executive presence—means to them, and how in the tech industry these skills can make the difference between a stagnant career and a career without limits.

  • Determine specific goals for ongoing personal and professional growth and improvement.

The Moxy Lab empowers you with the complete communication equation. We work with individuals, teams, and entire companies to advance personal and professional communication. At The Moxy Lab, we speak tech—our founders come from backgrounds in computing and engineering—and we know that engineers, programmers, and others in technical roles face unique communication challenges. With each other, with non-technical colleagues, and with the public, tech professionals must make the complex and the scientific make sense to the layman and the customer. In tech, in telecommunications, and in other complex fields, The Moxy Lab will help you collaborate better, cut confusion, and take the lead.

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