Member Directory


Membership Types(s):
Premier Corporate Small
Ted Guggenheim -
Jolene Dreith -
Casey Bernart -
Trevor Borasio - Customer Experience Representative
Shawn Briggs - Senior Voice Architect
Eric Brohman - Engineer
Devin Dreszer - Lead Engineer
Grant Fuellenbach - Director of Growth Ops
Josh Gaastra - Sales Development
Theodore Guggenheim - Chief Executive Officer
Nikki Hernandez - Customer Experience Representative
Erich Hugunin - Chief Revenue Officer
Taylor Jameson -
Jeremy King - Customer Experience Representative
Jean-Francois Lalonde - Engineer
Jake Mann - Sales Development
Brian McManus - Chief Technology Officer
Tony Richards - Engineer
Paul Sadauskas - Lead Architect
Dominic Small - Lead Product Specialist
Camrianne Schweitzer - Customer Success Coach
Chris Sheeley - Voice Support Engineer
Brooke Kuhlmann - Engineer
Jaime Sandberg - Customer Experience Representative
Richmond Boakye - Engineer
River Addison - Customer Experience Representative
Stephanie Pitts - Sr Front End Developer
Dustin Moya - Account Executive
Kristy Acuff - Billing Support
Jude Johnson - Accounts Receivables Specialist
Rusty Harrington - Account Executive
Maria LeFebre - Customer Experience Representative
Josh Berndt - Director of Enterprise Sales
Kathy Keating - CTO
Andrew Kimmell - CMO & Co-Founder
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