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Skookum creates digital products that help your business modernize technology, optimize user experiences, and innovate throughout the product lifecycle. We have been in business for 14 years with offices in both Denver and Charlotte.

Our core competencies fall into 5 buckets: 

  • Empathy and Customer Research; understanding your customer personas, whether internal or external. 
    • This includes customer journey mapping. We've built our journey mapping practice around 3 key areas that can directly impact your business's bottom line:  Current State Journeys, "Do we truly understand the experience our customers are already having?", Future State Journeys, "Where are the opportunities for innovation?" and Service Blueprints & Requirements Maps, "How do our internal processes and systems enable or stifle our customer experience?"
  • Product Strategy and Rapid Prototyping. Our prototyping efforts are geared around helping our customers socialize and test a concept prior to making a costly software development investment that may not hit the mark. 
  • UX/UI, Production and Engineering services to bring concepts to life. 
  • Co-Production is adding top talent to your existing teams to help with development, UX/UI efforts, product strategy and so on. How is this different from traditional staff augmentation? Co-Production provides tech talent that not only helps with development efforts, the embedded team you are accessing also brings with them 100's of years of combined experience to lend guidance on best practices, help shorten development cycles and inject a new capability into your organization that may not currently exist. Our motto is to "Train + Leave You Better". 
  • Innovation Lab Creation and Management and support of existing lab efforts. 

We interact with partners across the spectrum, providing some or all of the services above on a project basis. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by making your better. 

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